Intro and Read52

I blogged for a few years with a captive audience of friends at Multiply under the name “Life for Beginners” and when  the Multiply  platform folded, I found myself in an isolated location without internet and despite valiant efforts, lost all my posts, so I have had a writing hiatus of about three years. I’m starting again, mainly because I want to document all the crazy changes that have happened and which are continuing to happen now in 2014, and specifically to record my reading.

I have had several other blogs in various places, which I may link to later, but I haven’t been faithful or consistent, so I won’t make any promises about being faithful or consistent 🙂 I have a lot going on, but I’ll do what I can.

I have decided to take part in the Read52 challenge, to read 52 books in 2014, which is conveniently one per week.

I am a reader, and I tend to read in certain distinct categories of non-fiction much more than fiction. These categories are, broadly, health, education, sociology and religious.

For reasons that I will explain in due course, religious is probably increasingly my largest category, so I will aim to read the Bible at least once this year, but don’t plan to do it in a week, so not sure whether I will include it in the 52.

This week doesn’t count as it’s only a partial week, but I thought I would start anyway with a little book that’s easy to read. I picked one that is little more than a pamphlet at 36 tiny pages, which has been on my shelf for a long time, challenging me to read it. It’s called “Finding God in Illness” by James Woodward and published by Lion Publishing in the UK with the Christian Evidence Society in 1997. It is out of print, but available on line as a pdf file here, and is quite easy to find second-hand if you prefer your books in paper.


I thought I would start with a quote from the beginning of the book, as it is so apt for the first post on a new blog:

“One of the challenges and adventures of writing lies in imagining who will read the text and what they might want from the text. So, I wonder who you are and why you have come across this particular piece?”

So who are you, and why are you here? I’d love to hear from you, and perhaps you could provide me with the accountability I need to post consistently. I haven’t been consistent in reading blogs either, so I’m starting with no links, but I hope to build them up as I rediscover my favourite internet places.

I’ll be trying to make sure I post weekly with details of my books, and will endeavour to post a fuller introduction before too long. 🙂


7 thoughts on “Intro and Read52

  1. I’m Carol….aka Orthodoxmom3…and I’m here because I discovered you are following my blog! 🙂 Thank you. I found your post very well written and it looks like the blog will be very interesting! Wondering how you found me… Wow…. 5 likes on your post today so far….looks like you are off to an Amazing start!


      • I see! Well, If you don’t mind me asking…why the separate blog? I know there are lots of people that do this. I’m just curious what made you decide to separate them? I write about a LOT of various topics on my own blog… but I feel that in some ways they blend together…sometimes not so much. I wonder if I’d get more followers separating them…but afraid to lose some if I did. I’m really new to how all this works…so I’m just wondering what makes others decide to do theirs separately?


  2. Hi – I’m Robin and welcome to the 52 Books challenge. I’m always looking for accountability – in my reading, writing, etc. I like the quote because it makes one think.


  3. Hmm, I have wondered about that too, but I think it is largely the way my mind works – I tend to have to categorise and separate my different interests (it’s possibly a little bit of and ‘ocd’ tendency to tidy up and organise!) There is certainly some overlap and inter-connectedness as well, so I might change it later on, it may work out that I can’t keep up more than one blog, we’ll see! 🙂


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