By the way… You CAN Read the Bible in 90 Days

I haven’t decided yet whether I’ll read straight through or chronologically, or which version I’ll use, but I’m planning to start reading the Bible in 90 Days on February 1st. Join me?

By the way...

Bible90DaysStarting in two weeks from today, a group of people will begin reading the Bible at a pretty good clip. We will be reading through the entire Bible, either straight through or chronologically, in 90 days, and we want you to join us. The schedule is February 1 – May 1, 2014.

I can hear people saying it now: “Jono, I’ve never been able to read the whole Bible in a year! How in the world can I do it in just 90 days?”

Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever read the Bible straight through in a year either despite several failed attempts. I’m a slow reader and I easily get bogged down in some portions of Scripture. But there are a few reasons why this is different.

  1. First off, 90 days is a much easier commitment than a year. I find it much easier to think…

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2 responses to “By the way… You CAN Read the Bible in 90 Days

  1. Thanks for the reblog! Your blog looks interesting. I especially love the name “Life for Beginners”. Though I’m assuming it refers to children and education (I saw your other blog as well), it reminds me that in so many ways we are all beginners trying to figure life out. We only get one shot at it; it’s important to get our worldview right.

    Have fun with your book reading plan this year. I’m glad you’ll be joining us for the Bible in 90 Days!


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