DD101 Week 1 Intro

The DD101 Open University ‘Introducing the Social Sciences’ website opened yesterday, so we have officially started! (Finally!)

The opening activities on the website were pretty basic advice and exercises on different forms of notetaking, reading and watching with a purpose and avoiding plagiarism.

Although I have watched all the films once and read all the material for week 1 through quickly, I haven’t had a chance yet to sit down quietly (with no interruptions) to take notes with a view to answering the first TMA question. I know that others on one of the facebook groups who got their materials much earlier have already written their draft TMA answer.  I’m not there yet. I figure I’m basically ahead anyway so I won’t be rushing too fast. I need to get back into the swing of serious study.

I would love to hear from anybody else doing DD101 who is returning to study after a long break.