Just for Kids Week 1 summary and Week 2

I’m doing several courses now, so I’m struggling a little bit to fit everything in, along with my everyday life and work, so this will be just a brief overview.

Week 1

I was a bit disappointed with week 1 the first time I watched the videos as it seemed overly simplistic, but I decided to make the most out of this free course, and watched a second time, taking notes and interacting with other students using Twitter (using the #JustCook hashtag) and facebook (on the official page and a private discussion group.)

Week one emphasised moderation and balance, and the benefits of eating together as a family. The fact that children who eat at home together with their family and parents at the table have ‘better emotional health’ was quoted several times. I have no doubt that it is true, but it would have been helpful to have a link to a solid study that supports that conclusion.

Recipes included fruit / yogurt smoothie, vegetable stir-fry, and ‘egg-in-a-hole’.

The final video of week 1 was a summary defining the problem of the ‘epidemic of obesity and disease’ and attributed these to packaged, processed foods and the changes in the culture of eating.

Week Two

The first video of the second week addressed what balance and moderation means in practice. Then each video has been a focus on each group of macro-nutrients (carbohydrates, fats, proteins etc.) I was very pleased on balance with the way Maya Adams approached the topic of fats, as it is a controversial issue. Her emphasis was on natural rather than man-made fats. The issue of sugar was addressed in video 2.5. Maya Adams acknowledged that some scientists have been calling table sugar a toxin. Nevertheless she advised that, in moderation, it is acceptable. More emphasis on sugar on its natural fruit forms, with its fibre intact (and also less processed brown sugar) might have been a good thing. Video 2.7 looked very basically at the glycemic index, and it was briefly touched upon that foods with a low glycemic index include fibre, protein and healthy fats but it didn’t go into much detail about why or how these foods are lower (fibre and protein especially slow glucose down).

Recipes this week included oatmeal (porridge), home-made pasta sauce and almond cake.

The final video again was a focus on moderation. Maya said that, with moderation as your rule, no food need be banned, and if you need rules, check out Michael Pollan’s book “Food Rules” (which I plan to check out). I loved this quote as well: “Even the practice of moderation should be approached with moderation!”

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