Miscellaneous Notes

Just some general notes today. I’m in week 3 of my OU course, DD101, and ought to be concentrating on writing my first TMA essay, but in fact I’m already procrastinating while I finish up some other bits and pieces.

I finished Maya Adam’s Just Cook for Kids course on Nutrition from Stanford School of Medicine via Coursera, and I’m quite sad to have finished as she was such a lovely teacher. I’ll aim to write up course notes from the final week at some point. I’ve also discovered that some of the optional videos from that course are also available on Khan Academy (wow, there’s lot’s more there than I ever realised, in fact!)

I’m in week 5 of the University of Exeter Climate Change course. It has been so difficult for my tiny non-sciency brain to cope with that I think that if I had to drop something this would be the one, but hopefully now Just Cook is finished I’ll have the time / energy / brainpower to devote to it. We’ll see.

I also started a couple of Christian / Bible courses (in my spare time, you know, because I seem to have this kind of compulsive drive to have / do / be / whatever one of everything! I’m a bit klepto with books, so obviously this extends to courses as well.

But I’m recognising my limits, and I’ll lay those other courses down I think at least until Climate Change is finished. It is tempting though, as they’re interesting and easy 😀 I’ll post more about them when I finish Climate Change.

OK! How are you doing? What are you studying? Anyone crazy like me doing more than one course?


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