ME to be re-categorised

Sorry to inundate you with posts today, and to post twice on the same subject, but Penny Swift Symanowski, who wrote the article on Dr Speight’s attempt to help Karina, drew my attention to this article.

Apparently the World Health Organisation whose classification of ME as a neurological order had until now had gone some way to defend patients diagnosed with ME and related conditions, is now proposing to re-categorise ME, along with CFS, fibromyalgia and others as ‘mental and behavioural disorders’.

This couldn’t be worse news for patients, and will likely result in more cases like Karina’s, along with more unhelpful treatment for adults with ME.

If anybody knows of any petitions or any other recourse to complain or campaign, please do let me know.


2 responses to “ME to be re-categorised

  1. Its very hard to believe they could be so callously small minded. How in heaven;s name can you say a muscular, joint, arthritic or whatever pain condition, of chronic duration is anything in comparison to a metal and behavioural disorder. If patients become depressed its because of the shallowness of decisions like this. Must stopbefore my head explodes.
    Susan x


  2. I know! Apparently there are over 4000 pieces of research that back up the cateogorisation of ME as neurological, so I don’t know on what basis they are proposing the change, other than psychiatric peer pressure! 😦


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