Read 52: What week are we in?!

I am trying to catch up – I’m very naughty for tending to take on far too much and then finding that it is in fact too much which can lead to a complete crash and ending up achieving nothing!

In addition to my Read52 commitment, I started the Bible in 90 Days on February 1st and I officially started my OU course. I will try to post separately on each of these as time allows.

So two books this last week – The Dyslexia-friendly Teacher’s Toolkit (review on my homeschool blog):

And Leadership Secrets of The Salvation Army by Robert A Watson and Ben Brown. I had promised to try and include some fiction, but this arrived in the post and it was un-put-down-able!

I have read a few books on management and leadership but I have to say, none so thrilling or inspiring.

The late, great Peter Drucker described The Salvation Army (in the US) as the most effective organisation, bar none – not even qualifying the statement by saying “the most effective charity or non-profit”, so this book was in response to that statement.

I won’t give away all the secrets, but I will say that they all boil down to having a Mission that is greater than the organisation itself – in the case of The Salvation Army of course, it is to “save the world” 🙂

It’s available in paperback or kindle, so I say to you, go and get a copy right now! 🙂


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