Read52 Fail?

I may be officially failing my read52 challenge – I haven’t read anything for the last couple of weeks, unless I’m allowed to include the Bible (although actually I’m also about 3 days behind in my B90Days challenge as well – will be trying to catch up tomorrow), and also my OU textbooks – I’ve completed the first Learning Companion and started the second, and I’ve started the first main textbook.

So I’m busy and I am reading, but it’s less intentional than I’d like. I have a huge, I mean ginormously humungously huge pile of books I’d like to read (ten years of compulsive book-buying without a matchingly voracious reading appetite will do that to you) but I’m not managing to get round to it. So I think I need to get a bit more organised and plan out what I’ll read over the next few weeks.

I have unpacked the last few boxes of books after moving house now, so the house looks a bit like an explosion at a book factory, so I think tomorrow will involve sorting them out a little bit. I’ll come back to you with potential titles 🙂


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