I learned today, via a contact on Twitter, Rachel Barenblat, the @VelveteenRabbi (I hope you get the literary reference) that Israel has a policy of detaining Palestinian suspects without charge, sometimes for years.

I don’t know how I have been unaware of this fact, except that I probably tend to see Israel with slightly rose-tinted glasses.

The last thing I would ever want to do would be to damage Israel in anything I say or do. I know that Israel for the most part is a haven of democracy in a very toxic surrounding culture, and despite constant accusations of being an ‘apartheid state’, it is nothing of the sort. Furthermore, Arabs and Muslims living in Israel are known to fare better there and have more freedom than in any Muslim State.

Israel’s argument for legitimacy far outweighs the arguments of its detractors.

Nevertheless, detention without charge, especially for long periods is wrong. It’s not justice, and as @VelveteenRabbi says, it’s not Judaism.

I tend towards Libertarianism politically in a lot of ways, and generally speaking I would support freedom of travel and movement. But how could a country that is surrounded by people who passionately hate and desire the destruction of its inhabitants survive without State controls?

The only answer is that it couldn’t. If Israel is to survive, it must protect itself.

But surely such protection must not extend to contravening the human rights of suspects, even if they are suspected of terrorism.

Looking at the Twitter feed of the Israeli Centre for Human Rights, it reports that the Palestinan’s top runner has been denied entry to Israel to run in the marathon. How petty that decision seems! Meanwhile, though, Israel has released another batch of *convicted* terrorists and murderers to the Palestinians who, rather than incarcerating them themselves for their crimes, as any other State would be expected to do to murderers, celebrates these wicked men as heroes.

Israel, just like Palestine, obviously has a lot to learn about genuine justice.

May God restore justice to His people!


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