#Luke2Acts – Some Notes on Luke 1 and 2

Just a quick share of a great post on the new Twitter Bible study we’re doing – one chapter a day from Luke to Acts. I just love the inter-connectedness and repeating themes and symbolism of scripture, and I love that I’m seeing new things in these old, familiar passages that I’ve never seen before. Join us! 🙂

Alastair's Adversaria

Yesterday the new Twitter group Bible study, #Luke2Acts, began with Luke 1 and today we have been looking at Luke 2. The following are some of the thoughts that I have had while reading the first couple of chapters. Most of them aren’t original and any that are original should be held very lightly: they are possible connections and interpretations, rather than sure ones.

I don’t plan to continue this as a series of posts. However, I thought that I would whet your appetite and encourage you to get involved. Just use the hashtag #Luke2Acts on Twitter. We would love for as many people as possible to join us!


The connections between Luke, Acts, and Samuel are especially noteworthy. All three books begin with prayer in the temple. The connections will multiply as we go through the passage.


Like Exodus and 1 Samuel, the story of…

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