Mother’s Day (again)

Mother’s Day (as opposed to the British Mothering Sunday, an ancient religious adaptation of Laetare Sunday, which is earlier in the year) is a recent – 1872 – American invention and a secular holiday, but one which seems to have been fully adopted by churches in America and elsewhere.

If greetings cards companies and other retailers had their way I am sure it would be celebrated by everyone over here as well.

Indeed, when I was growing up I remember they attempted to do just that, and there was a twice-a-year commercial hype, but we seem to have wised up a little since then.

I am a mother, several times over, but I am also a ‘babyloss’ mother several times over.

Celebrations of motherhood are hard and painful, and they can have the effect on babyloss mothers of making us feel a little ‘less’, a little de-humanized, and a little isolated.

It can make us want to run away and hide, curl up in a foetal ball ourselves and be subsumed by our grief.

We’re not the only ones who find mother’s day hard. There are those who have lost their own mothers, or those who, for whatever reason, are not mothers.

So I do wish mothers every good wish, and I wouldn’t want my misery (which is usually under control) to rub off on anyone else.

But I would ask that you do spare a thought for those who can’t rejoice so easily when everyone else is rejoicing. And church pastors, please read this thoughtful post from a non-mom from the ‘Time-warp wife’ blog:

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