Not Voting

The picture below is allegedly Emmeline Pankhurst, being arrested 100 years ago yesterday, for campaigning for women’s right to vote.

I’m not voting in the European Elections. Mostly that’s due to the fact that I didn’t receive a voting card, having moved recently.

But if I did have the possibility of voting, I’m not sure I would anyway. I think that in good conscience, the only vote I could make would be to spoil my paper.

Over the last few years it has become clear to me that none of the parties offer any distinct advantage over the others, they certainly don’t ‘represent’ the people, and what they all seem to stand for ultimately is authoritarianism and increased government control (unless a certain freedom is advantageous to overall control).

The pieces of the puzzle are shuffled around, in the same way that they shuffle around the money, to make it look as though they’re achieving something, but I’m not convinced at all.

It all looks from here like a massive charade, played out to keep us divided, enslaved, subsurvient while the politicians have their fun and games and the real movers and shakers behind the scenes are unaffected.

What a vote really seems to do, no matter who we vote for, is to keep the system in place.

I don’t very much like the system, whether it be Europe or Westminster. That is all.


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