Book Review: Neris and India’s Idiot-proof Diet

My unspoken new year’s resolution every year, at least since motherhood, has been to lose weight. But what with 8 pregnancies, ill health and being at home, over the last 5-10 years, my weight has soared to effectively double the weight I should be. That in itself is depressing, and the sheer size of the mountain makes it feel insurmountable. But this year, for a number of reasons, I have realised I need to tackle the problem, for the sake of my health if nothing else. So far’ I have joined Slimming World, but after the initial session, I find I can no longer get there as I am ‘babysitting’ while my husband and car need to be taking eldest son to evening class on the two slimming world nights. Bum. So I am on my own.

I do already have on my bookshelves just about every diet known to man, but this book was recommended to me – not for the diet itself, but rather for the change of thinking it encourages.

The diet itself is based on low carb – a very sane amalgamation of the best ideas from Atkins, South Beach, the GI diet and so on. I have done Atkins before and I know it works, but it didn’t help me personally to learn healthy eating, and needless to say, the weight piled back on. So I won’t follow their diet recommendations  – especially as a vegetarian, low carb just doesn’t suit me, but for people who like their meat and would find carbs easier to give up than fat (which is essentially the other alternative) it is probably a good plan.


The advice though, the change in thinking, the honesty, I liked very much, and I will probably re-read and refer to parts of it again and again.

p.s. I wrote this post on an android tablet – I thought I would try it as I was having so much trouble replacing my Blackberry. But I accidentally pressed ‘publish’ before I had finished (I’m not sure I will ever be happy to have a touchscreen to replace a keyboard!), and so now I’m coming back to add tags and categories.

I did just want to mention the fact that I have seen quite a few posts – a friend of mine has retweeted a few on twitter – trying to persuade people that fat is ok. I did start to read ‘Fat is a Feminist Issue’ a few years ago, and I know that women’s relationships to food and their own and others’ bodies are complex issues. I think for people who might have a few extra pounds, it is good advice. Don’t allow society to dictate your shape, and don’t allow people to abuse you or others on the basis if their weight. It’s just not acceptable. Nobody consciously chooses to become unfit and unhealthy. It is a medical issue and sometimes a mental health issue, and to discriminate is wrong and unkind.

However, in this book, Neris and India talk a lot about busting the myth of the ‘happy fatty’. For those of us who have a more serious weight problem, you can’t be fooled into thinking it doesn’t matter or that you can’t do anything. Be brave, take a step towards health. 🙂

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