Sunday Morning Rant

Oh my lordy. Some people are so far up their own self-righteous bottoms, it’s unreal. Attributing exceptionally good fortune to their own hard work. Gets my goat!

Not to mention, having money thrown at them (or rather happily taking what they can get) when they’re not the least bit in need, and having no shame or sympathy when they see people who *are* in genuine need but who, for whatever reason, are denied the same benefit!

They have no conscience because their view is skewed.

Sometimes it’s the negative people you need to eliminate from your life, sometimes it’s the over-positive about themselves people, who have no empathy, compassion or concern for others.

The fact that *so* *many* *times* it is Christians who fall into this category, is deeply distressing to me.

Confusing too, because in my book the hallmark of true Christians is exactly that – empathy, compassion and concern for others. In short, ‘love’.

For the second time in my life this morning, in amongst a lot of other bunkum, I have been inappropriately called a ‘victim’ when asking for practical help and understanding (not money).

Well, excuse me, you arrogant cow. I’m no victim. But I do expect a modicum of decency from those I consider friends, especially if they call themselves Christians, and I’m afraid (after giving you quite a lot of chances actually, because I have quite a high threshold for stupid people / arrogant people / people behaving badly – because I recognise that we are all a work in progress) you have finally failed the test spectacularly.

I try not to hold grudges, and I try to forgive in every case.

But I do not have to continue to allow people to treat me badly.

So I’m re-drawing my boundary line, and you are out, matey. Go and be self-important around somebody else.

Hopefully you will learn some lessons in friendship without having to attend the school of hard knocks that some of us have been through and triumphantly survived (thank-you very much).


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