Dark Room Dream

I thought I would share my dream weirdness before I fall back to sleep and forget it.

I was in a dark room with some other people, at least two men I didn’t recognise, and somebody I knew but I can’t remember who. I was dressed in a black Victorian costume, they seemed to be old cowboys and spoke in Wild West accents.

Hanging on the wall was a line of dead cowboys, and one of the men suggested that, since they no longer needed their boots, we could have the heels from them for our boots. I looked down at my boots and saw they needed new heels.

So as the men proceeded to take the heels from the dead men’s boots, I went upstairs to watch from the gallery.

All of a sudden, I was attacked by two women who said they wanted my nice little gold earrings! I tried to fight them off, but I could not prevail, and as one of them thrust some kind of metal spike towards my face, I woke up in a panic.

What does it mean? Whatever could have taken me to such a bizarre scenario?! Nothing I have read or watched recently comes remotely close to this scene.

As it turns out, I have indigestion, so my dinner may be the culprit. But why this dream? Where do they come from?


2 thoughts on “Dark Room Dream

  1. The “heels” are a metaphor for your soul (sole). This is our lower nature, our “old man” or the flesh. The old man must die daily. It is interesting that you went “upstairs” to essentially watch them try to take on something that is “dead”. The two women wanted your gold earrings (in Hebrew your adi or adornments). These are your heavenly (upstairs) good deeds. They are in your ears (sign of a bondservant). IMHO, I believe your dream was simply showing you the spiritual battle that we all face. That is the age old one between the spirit and the flesh. And it depicts the the reality that you have no need for the dead man’s heels. 🙂


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