Be Kind, and Bake Bread!

A friend of mine posted this photo on facebook. I don’t know who wrote it or where it originates but I liked it and thought I would share it as it seems to me to somewhat embody the homesteading/ self-sufficiency spirit, as does this list once posted in The Idler Magazine:

“Bake bread, muck about, quit moaning, stop consuming, start producing, back to the land, end usury, embrace beauty, ignore the state, reform is futile, hail the spade, hail the quill, love thy neighbour, be creative, dig the earth, make compost, down with health, down with safety, down with work, down with pensions, be alive, be merry, BE FREE!!”

What rules, guidelines,  mottoes or principles do you like to live by?


One thought on “Be Kind, and Bake Bread!

  1. I love the “Bake bread” list! I feel like it is something that should be painted in fancy lettering up on my wall. I’m trying so hard to reconnect with nature, instead of being caught up online, which can be so hard to do (especially when you spend your time blogging). I think that it’s so easy to get caught up in reading, rather than actually doing, and that is something I’m trying to remind myself.


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