Seaside Therapy

Welcome to Seaside Therapy!

This blog has evolved, several times.

When I started it, I thought I would just try to go out more and take some photos and make more of living in such a lovely place.

But then our landlord decided to sell our house out from under us and evicted us to make it sell more quickly (it never did sell, it sat empty and he put it back on the market for rental the year after). Karma, dude.

So with the stress of eviction, my mental health issues have spiraled and snowballed until I have had to start looking at issues going right back in to my childhood.

Initially I developed anxiety and depression and agoraphobia – a fear of going out – and lost my self-confidence. Additionally though, my physical health has suffered considerably and I was diagnosed with ME and Fibromyalgia. I’ve actually suffered with the same physical symptoms for over 10 years, so that was no surprise, but what came as a considerable surprise was, when I attended the Pain Clinic, I was told that Fibromyalgia is now considered to be caused by some kind of trauma in childhood.

In a sense that means that the symptoms are ‘psychosomatic’. What that does not mean is that they are unreal or imagined or simply mental symptoms. They are real physical symptoms, caused by the trauma placing the physical body in a permanent flight or fight state – the sympathetic nervous system takes over, the limbic system is damaged, “the body keeps the score”.

In order to understand what is wrong with me and to work towards recovery, it has been necessary to navigate, or should I say battle, the mental health provision of the NHS. Needless to say, it is less than stellar. I very much appreciate that the NHS exists, and I don’t want to lose it. But I do think that we need, in as much as we are able, to learn to help ourselves, support and encourage each other and build ourselves up.

So that is really what this blog is about – self-help, support, encouragement and above all, recovery.