In a nutshell: ‘borg’ refers to the fact that I’m basically a city girl, very much out of my comfort zone, living in deepest, darkest, most rural Cornwall. Also, needless to say, I’m a lifelong Trekkie 🙂

The slightly longer version is that I’m a 40 something mother of 4 (plus 7 more who didn’t make it) who gave up any hope of finishing my degree or having an outside career to home educate my children, for various reasons, and then became ill in 2003.

I’m classified under the slightly anomalous umbrella term MEcfs / cfsME which includes a bunch of health issues that make life a painful challenge.

I’m interested in just about everything (which also means there’s no great depth of knowledge in any one subject) and here’s a partial list to be going on with: history, languages, linguistics, cultural anthropology, religion, literature, health and science, sociology, art, film, politics. That’ll do for now.

This blog has evolved so far to become rather religious, because I suppose that I have become rather religious – in part because I spent the last three years in an extremely isolated location while I licked my wounds after the city skirmishes that brought me here, with no car and only my children for company.

Now I’m back in what approaches civilisation in these parts, I seem to have emerged as an, er, religious butterfly, or something.

You can safely expect about that level of coherence in posts from here on in.


4 responses to “About

  1. At a girl! Father loves you just as you are After all diamonds start out as dirty pieces of coal and look what they go through before they become things of beauty. Praying for you.


  2. What you are is a polymath 🙂

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