I have been called a ‘progressive fundamentalist’.

What do I mean by that?

It’s a bit of a joke really but I quite like the description. I was raised in a fairly fundy environment, and I still like a lot of it, and it is my comfort zone, and on one level I still want to believe everything I was taught. But I don’t feel strongly about any of it much at all – I am increasingly open-minded, hopefully pretty non-judgemental, not easily shocked or offended, and completely understand and appreciate liberality and other points of view.

I think the only thing I do feel really strongly about at this time is that I dislike arrogance, authoritarianism, force, coercion intensely, whereas I am a big fan of freedom, especially of thought. As long as you are not hurting anybody on purpose, I don’t have a problem.

As a foundation, I am basically a peace-loving hippy and that informs everything I am and do and believe. Leading on from that, I quite happily embrace some pagan ideas that would horrify conservative Christians but after 10 years in Judaism I love the rhythm of the moons and the seasons.

I consider myself ‘quiverfull’ in the sense that I am open to life and would love a large family, and I believe in mutual Christian submission in marriage but I don’t subscribe to patriarchy in any strict or authoritarian sense at all. I don’t subscribe to any form of authoritarianism. (I think I would probably balk under Star Fleet’s military structure!)

I obviously love science and technology and science fiction, but some of my favourite Star Trek episodes are the ones where the science and technology meets the old world and old ways (other than Resolutions, there are several ‘Wild West’ episodes across all the Star Trek series for example).

Christian/ Jewish/ hippy/ pagan ideas will inevitably form part of the topic of this blog, because it’s who I am, but I would never force my style of religion on anybody else. But as far as I am concerned, the basic foundation of true spirituality is love and kindness and joy. Let’s start there.