About Me

I was born into a Christian home with vaguely Jewish connections, but spent most of my early years in evangelical/ Baptist and Pentecostal churches.

In 1999 when I was a young wife and mother, I started looking at the Bible more carefully and decided to embrace the Jewish side of the faith and I joined a Messianic fellowship run by a lovely Jewish man who also attended an Anglican church.

At the same time I was being exposed to some really quite fundamentalist teachings, largely via the homeschool movement, and these types of views (harsh discipline of Children, the subjection of women, and so on) spilled over into the Messianic movement, particularly online.

History of this Blog

The ‘Messianic Keepers at Home blog’ was originally started over on Live Journal in around 2007 as The Bajoran Housewife and explored the frustration of being ‘in exile’, both from Israel and the Jewish world, and from mainstream Christianity, and living in a secular world as a religiously observant woman. I used the Bajoran Star Trek character, Kira Nerys of Deep Space Nine as a metaphor for this feeling of exile.

Messianic Keepers at Home

I started the Messianic Keepers at Home network on Ning as a contact point and encouragement for Messianic women in their roles as wives, mothers and housewives.

I purposely kept the issues of doctrine and theology low-key as I wanted the network to be a safe place, and a haven from all the arguing and fighting going on in the Messianic world. I am very glad I did that, but I can see now that I was barely consciously aware that some of the teachings being perpetrated within the Messianic movement were really quite negative and damaging.

I handed over control of the Messianic Keepers at Home network to Pamela in 2011 when I moved to a location without internet access and, although I am still a member, no longer  have any administrative access or control.

Rejecting Fundamentalism

I can now say that I am moving away from fundamentalism, and reject many toxic streams of thought which, though faithful to American evangelical Christian worldview, may not be at all faithful to the Messianic vision. I  am slowly but surely working through and weighing up what I had believed, to find a faith that is both good and true and healthy and kind.

The blog is now somewhat neglected; I am still at home and still homeschooling one of my four children.

I had planned to keep posting recipes, thoughts, ideas and resources for the Messianic life, but that has been very neglected. I will try and come back and post as and when I can.



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  1. Hello!
    I am looking to connect with other messianic Jewish bloggers, and it looks like I’ve found some! I would love to start a conversation. You can find me at, and read my monthly writings on the Messianic Times lifestyle page.


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