Shepherdess is an accidentally maverick Anglican priest wannabe, Ordination having been put on hold in 2014 originally due (officially) to being insufficiently Anglican after only three years (unofficially, perhaps, due to being insufficiently middle class).

Since then, chronic illness has intervened to keep the whole idea academic.

With “bucket-loads” of experience of the wider church: Evangelical, Baptist, Pentecostal, Salvation Army, and Messianic Jewish. Interests include New Monasticism and community, especially of the Celtic variety.

Married mother of four children, two sheepdogs and a feisty black cat who rules them all.

Independent Franciscan tertiary. Carrying on preaching, teaching, dispensing sacraments and evangelising regardless. (Did I mention maverick?)

Please note this is a personal, unofficial website, unrelated to the parish of the same name.