stitchWe are UK home educators, we’ve been home educating now for over 15 years using an eclectic mixture of Charlotte Mason principles, Classical, Sonlight curriculum and other literature selections, unit studies/ themes/ projects, lapbooking, the occasional bout of child-directed unschooling, a whole lot of Star Trek and much more besides.

We’ve been on a learning curve which has included a family journey of faith which led first out of the Church into Judaism, and out again into the Wilderness (and Messianic Judaism) and, more recently, back into mainstream Christianity in the form of the Anglican church.

We also had a major life change when we moved in 2011 from the city to the countryside.

Dramatis Personae

That’s me!

Dragon-tamer left us briefly for Sixth-form college, where he did a catch-up year of GCSEs in English and Maths together with a BTEC in Business Studies, but he has returned home after some difficulties during his first A Level year. He is currently studying Music Technology.

Pony-rider is at home, presently majoring in drawing animals and writing stories. She is the one who has most easily and quickly adapted to life in the country.

Motor-biker is severely dyslexic and also suffers from Type1 Auto-immune Diabetes. He is currently obsessed with Doctor Who, Terminators and Lego Bionicles, which is slightly troublesome since Lego no longer make them.

Baba Zonee
Baba Zonee is the Hebrew name for ‘rubber ducky’ as learned via the Hebrew versions of Sesame Street, Shalom Sesame and Rehov Sumsum. Baba Zonee is slightly behind and struggling with reading and writing, but we’re not sure yet whether or not it’s actually dyslexia. His current favourite thing is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Daddy doesn’t get much of a look-in 🙂



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