Did you know that you don’t have to send your child to school?

In the UK, it is compulsory to provide your child with an education; sending them to school is only one way of doing that. In fact, in the UK, even if they choose to provide that education by way of school, it is still the parents who have the final responsibility in law for ensuring that their children receive an adequate education.

To this end, UK Law provides parents with two “absolute rights” :

[1] the right to a State school place for each child, and
[2] the right to educate their children “otherwise than in school”.

(A third option, although it is not an “absolute right” in law, is to educate by way of flexi-schooling: part home education and part school.)

The overwhelming majority of parents, of course, choose to send their children to school, delegating their responsibility and their authority to the State, many working on the widely held but nevertheless false assumption that it is school rather than education which is compulsory; and most assume further that the choice between State and Private, is the only option open to parents. Indeed, many who consider home education don’t actually do it, working on the misconception that it is an option available only to qualified teacher-parents (or for those with exceptionally gifted or special needs children) which is not the case at all; all you really need is a genuine concern for and commitment to the educational welfare of your children.

A growing number of families in the UK are choosing the ‘otherwise’ option: educating their children at home, recognising and taking on their parental responsibility both in Law and under God: to bring up their children “in the nurture and admonition of the Lord”.

Many Christians, however, are hostile to the concept of home education for many reasons, (and sadly the greatest opposition Christian home educators receive is often from within the Churches) one of them possibly being that they see home education as going against the Civil Authorities which we are told to respect as being placed in the position of authority by God (Titus 3:1). For that reason, I emphasise the fact that home education is 100% legal.

This site is intended as a resource for anybody interested in or considering educating their children at home.

It is perhaps especially suited to Christians, but is intended to be helpful to all.

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