Our Day

Our home education day starts with traditional ‘circle time’ which includes a prayer and a candle, stories, poems and rhymes, Bible-time and even occasional dancing! We write the date on the board every day and talk about the weather and our plans for the day.

Our ‘lessons’ are very short – 15 minutes usually. We start with fun Latin (and sometimes include logic), followed by Maths. We try to include an outdoor break if at all possible followed by ‘elevenses’ (a very British tradition!) and then Swedish, French or German, which is usually a nursery rhyme or song.

A short English lesson including reading and phonics (and alternating through the days between grammar, spelling, creative writing and dictation / copy-writing) is followed by Hebrew, which at the moment is a mixture of learning the alphabet and basic words! We have been doing it for a long time, but never quite managed to progress to sentences so far!

Next up is History & Geography (or Science on Wednesdays), for which we alternate between Sonlight curriculum books and our own British history projects. Wednesday is our Science day, so we try to get out for a ‘nature-walk’ every week, and follow it up by ‘nature-study’ and some drawing or journalling.

This is followed by curling up together on the sofa to read our latest Sonlight read-aloud literature titles. This is the longest part of our day, and can easily take up an hour or so.

Thursdays are our Arts & Crafts days, when we also try and make an extra effort to listen to classical music and occasionally do ‘composer study’ as well as art appreciation and ‘artist study’.

Most days we are finished by lunch-time, and have lots of time and energy after lunch for outings, climbing trees and socialising!

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