This is the beginning of a list of blogs that might be useful or interesting to Anglican home educators. I hope to add to it in the future. Please comment below if you have any more to add.

Blogs specifically on the topic of home educating as an Anglican

The Potter’s Shed (was previously A Ten O’Clock Scholar )
This is a lovely blog, full of fine arts and classical / Charlotte Mason references. One that I will be exploring further.

The Parenting Passageway
This particular posts lists recommended resources for Anglicans / Episcopalians:

Life on the Planet
Doesn’t seem to have posted for over a year though.
This post is specifically on being an Anglican (Episcopal) and a homeschooler:

Free Range Anglican
This is obviously specifically Anglican, although it’s not exclusively on homeschooling.

Preventing Grace
Previously posting at An Undercurrent of Hostility (this post explains the name: )

Other Blogs and Websites of Interest to Anglican Home Educators

Ordo Amoris
Cindy Rollins wonderful blog, sadly no longer being updated but worth looking at the archives.

Orthodox Mom

The Many Hats of an Orthodox Mom
My first friend on WordPress, and kind and faithful reader and commenter on my blogs! (Thank-you!)

Episcopalian / Anglican Resources
A short discussion on the Well Trained Mind forum

At a Hen’s Place


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