Week Planning

When our children were younger, we had a basic focus for each day as follows:

Each Day’s Focus


  • Park Day


  • Library Day


  • Outing Day


  • Craft Day


  • Music-Day

This focus changed to academic subjects when they got a bit older, and of course activities varied and changed – Storytime at the library moved to Thursdays for example, and they started swimming lessons in the evenings. So these routines were always pretty fluid and changing, but having a guide helped me to be grounded and made sure that I felt as though I was achieving something instead of letting the days and weeks slide by. But in hindsight, I think a little bit of lazy, hazy days is not only inevitable but maybe even desirable when you have new babies and little children. They don’t stay little for long, so it’s worth making the most of every moment, and that may mean not going to every activity available, but just sometimes making the time to stay at home and cuddle up on the sofa. 🙂


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