What do we do?

What do we Do?

  • Music time: Sing songs, clap, learn nursery rhymes, dance together!

  • Craft-work: Drawing, painting, cutting & sticking, modelling, etc.: Encouraging creativity & imagination.

  • Going out to the park/ playing in the garden, going swimming: exercise, contact with nature. Educational, fun outings, using public transport, green-cross-code traffic training.

  • Story-time: Using the library service, encouraging fantasy & imagination, telling our own stories.

  • Going shopping: To the post office, bank & local shops: contact with local people. Regular contact with other children & other grown-ups: experience of larger group activities.

  • Play: guided & free-play: Role-play, dressing up, dolls, soft toys, building, lego, duplo, puzzles, water-play, sand-pit and more.

Incorporating theme-work into everyday activities

  • music time: related songs, rhymes

  • Outdoor play: what can we find outside that has to do with the theme

  • meal-times: design food or use recipes relating to theme

  • Story time: related stories

  • Indoor play: Offer toys connected to the theme, but also encourage free-play

See also Unit Studies in the Teaching section.

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