We have tried to include arts and crafts across the curriculum, so we’ve done papier mache models for history (stonehenge) and geography (a river system, a volcano), and we’ve used ideas from Belair books (an excellent range of teachers’ helps) to use arts & crafts in Maths, science an language-learning.

We also sketch in “nature note-books” for art & science as encouraged by Charlotte Mason.

One important thing with art is to allow artistic ability in children to develop, and to have reasonable expectations of what can be achieved at what age. So to begin with, a child will take some time getting used to using the materials of paint, paper, brushes, charcoal, pastels, modelling material and so on.

Another thing which Charlotte Mason encouraged was to give children real access to great works of art, so that the children could “develop a relationship” with the painter and his art. This is also something we’ve started to do in a small way, using prints from the Home Educator’s Tutor and Ambleside Online curriculum.

Some Themes for Art

Colour(s) * Texture * Styles * oil painting * watercolour * sketches * portraits * landscapes * still life * sculpture * collages * printing * tie-dying * religious themes * individual artists & pieces of work * artists from particular countries * art from particular time periods *

Recommendations for Textbooks, Magazines and Art Collections

* to follow *



The expense of materials may obviously cause a problem for home educating families, so it may be useful to be creative in our use of available materials; for example, recycling materials. You may find that you can borrow some of the above books or order them from your local library.

GLS Dudley has a fairly extensive range of art & craft supplies and you may be able to get small amounts at not too unreasonable prices.

If your firm can offer special reduced rates for home educating families and would like to be mentioned on this website, please contact us.

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