Mrs Chakotay


I’m Kathryn Chakotay. 15 years ago I was the captain of a starship – The USS  Voyager – on a mission that got diverted to the Delta Quadrant

On a fateful away mission to an M-class planet, my first officer Commander Chakotay and I became infected with a parasite which caused us to become ill if we left the planet. Unable to find a cure, my crew continued on their journey back to the Alpha Quadrant, leaving Commander Chakotay and me alone on the planet.

Since that time, Chakotay and I have fallen in love and got married, and had four children, and lost five more to miscarriage and secondary infertility.

We are engaged in building a homestead and carving out a life for ourselves. We named our children after our friends on Voyager – Tom, Kes (Kezzie to those who love her), Harry and Kim. There are still a few names we’d like to make use of and hope to add to our family, but time is no longer on my side.

We are still Star Fleet officers, and try to live our lives according to Star Fleet principles, but we now live happily ever after on the land.


And in real life, it’s all true apart from the bit in space.


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