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Do You Need a ‘Grace’ Year?

I had to laugh about the get some help comment in the article below! I’m not quite drinking wine in the afternoons, but Star Trek and cartoons have been known to feature!

But seriously, we have just experienced our 6th, yes SIXTH house move in four years (which is not even to mention the stress of Type1 Diabetes, ME and dyslexia), and I probably really need to give myself a break.

I have been kicking myself emotionally about not being able to get into a routine yet, but honestly, I think we just need a bit of recovery time.

Probably not a whole year, but I think that in all likelihood, we will have a rather reduced academic programme for the rest of this school year.




Just a little thought for today. I have several books on the topic of ‘Margin’. That is, the space between what you have to deal with and how much you can cope with. If you don’t have much margin inbetween the two, you burnout.

Burnout is a word that lots of people use to describe getting to the end of themselves. For somebody with ME, burnout is both something to be avoided because it can lead to serious and long-lasting consequences, but also something which is always hauntingly close.

Finding margin with ME is an elusive challenge. Ironically, like the pursuit for serenity, the pursuit itself can be just one more thing that pushes you further away.

I’m sitting at home in the living room on my own, listening to the ticking of the clock, enjoying the quiet while the family has gone out shopping, and trying not to try to think about all the things that need doing.