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How Cooking Can Change Your Life

I just wanted to share this video, narrated by Michael Pollan, that Maya Adams posted as I think that this ultimately is the take-home message of the Just Cook for Kids nutrition course: eat whatever you like, as long as you cook it yourself (and that way moderation is easy).

Just Cook for Kids

I decided to sign up for the Just Cook for Kids course on Nutrition from Stanford via Coursera on a recommendation – partly just for fun (nutrition is a subject I have studied informally for years and health is an ongoing interest for me), and partly because it has been so long since I did any formal study that I thought it would be a good idea to get as much practice in as I can before I start my formal studies with the OU.

Week one consisted of 10 videos, a few of which included practical cooking activities, a quiz and a survey.

The actual nutrition component of the course so far has been extremely basic, only covering macronutrients, apparently wholly in agreement with the USDA’s MyPlate recommendations (which, for anybody who has looked at nutrition in-depth, and the role of grains and carbohydrates, are worth questioning) and I was shocked and dismayed when white sugar was recommended as one of the basic staples of healthy cooking!

I seriously wondered who the course was aimed at, since the recommendations to avoid processed foods, cook from scratch, and eat vegetables are so basic, I am pretty sure everybody knows it, but the figures on obesity and ill health are so shockingly high, the message obviously isn’t getting through.

I thought rather than do nothing but criticise, I would try to make the most of it and “take the meat, and leave the bones”.

Course notes to follow.