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High Culture: Closed for the Winter


We started the day with Latin: Dragon-tamer orally going through the noun tables and verb paradigms we have learnt so far, and reviewing vocabulary, and finally doing a simple translation exercise that involved placing the correct words in sentences. He did quite well considering we only do it occasionally. Pony-rider listens in too.

As we are fairly relaxed and unschooly, I never insist we do these or any other lessons. My goal in introducing Latin, and other languages, is to give the kids a flavour of the language so if they decide they want to take it up seriously, they can.

We all listened to a children’s classical CD (Bernstein Favourites: Children’s Classics), and Dragon-Tamer dictated a couple of music reviews which I typed up and posted on to our local home-ed reading group website.

We thought that, in the afternoon, we would just ‘pop in’ to the local museum, or gallery, but when I checked their opening hours, I discovered that both are closed: the Gallery for two weeks while they change exhibits, and the Museum for the whole winter (except for education groups of 20 or more children… so possible to organise for a later date but no good for today).

Disappointed, we discussed other alternatives for the afternoon, but nobody could agree, and since Motor-biker was poorly with a slight temperature, we opted for a quiet afternoon in, watching nature programmes and schools maths programmes recorded earlier.

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situations vacant: home educator – flexibility essential

I remembered being told early on in our home education adventure that flexibility, and the willingness to lay aside my own plans in favour of the children’s individual interests and particular learning needs were amongst the most important characteristics in a home educating parent.

I can’t say that I embody these qualities naturally, but I suppose I have become more flexible, more willing to negotiate over the years, and have seen the fruits of allowing the children a bigger say in their own learning.

Today was planned to be a visit to the Victoria & Albert museum, but it went to a vote and swimming was preferred, amongst other things (cooking, French – believe it or not, and a nature walk, as it happened). Hopefully, the trip to London will take place on another occasion, but I have a sneaking suspicion that the V&A will be followed by the Science Museum *and* the Natural History museum! I will have to psych myself up for it!

Romans in Britain @ the Northampton Shoe Museum

We were part of an educational party visit yesterday to the Northampton Shoe Museum, with a hands-on activity on the theme of the Romans in Britain.

The Northampton Shoe Museum is more properly named the Northampton Museum & Gallery – there is more in it than shoes; however, I must confess to having expected the hands-on activity to have at least featured shoes! But, no – a Roman soldier’s armour was available to dress up in, but it didn’t include the sandals! There was lots of pottery, and tesserae from mosaics – it was all very stimulating, but no shoes!

One of the things we have discovered over the years of home educating is that large group visits are not necessarily terribly conducive to learning. They have their place, of course, and can often be a chance for some positive social interaction, but if it is learning you’re after, small or family groups are definitely preferable. This one is a place we will plan to visit again on our own another time.