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Planning Time Again (Yay!)


Now is the season when homeschool / home education planning starts in earnest!

Planning is one of my favourite things, as you may know! I have probably tried all the planners there are!

I seem somehow to have managed to acquire 4, yes four, teacher planners for the 2015/2016 year, so I may do a giveaway at one point – watch this space 🙂

Although we don’t do it every year, we are planning to carry on through the summer this year as we have had so much disruption again this term with moving house. Our books are mostly still in storage, so I will share in another post what we’re using.

What I would like to do is shift to earlier bedtimes and earlier rising so we can start lessons early and finish early with a view to free afternoons outdoors while the weather is good. All of my children except the youngest now are teenagers, so that may take some convincing, but I’m going to try 🙂

Sorry I can’t post photos, as we still have no phone or internet so I am limited to what my mobile can cope with!

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The four I have this year are:

• an Erin Condren Teacher Planner which is personalised, so I won’t be giving that one away I’m afraid, sorry! (When it arrives, I’ll post a pic though) 😀 This really is the Rolls Royce of teacher planners! Expensive (although they’ve reduced shipping costs) but worth it because they are so sturdy and lovely to look at all year.


• The second is another American planner called the Teacher Anchor, which I forgot I ordered:


This is a nice, sturdy planner, but not colourful like the EC. Really more suitable for school teachers than homeschool, with a bunch of Common Core info at the end, but certainly re-purposable (but they are all sold out this year),

• a British teacher planner from the Teacher Planner Company:


(I ordered this before the EC but it hasn’t arrived yet, so I’m not sure what I’ll do with this one but it does have a very nice ruler) and finally,

• The ‘Holy Simplicity’ Catholic Homeschool Planner from:


This was a downloadable file, which we printed and bound ourselves. This one is really beautiful, but I have to say I prefer the Well Planned Day planner ( http://hedua.com/cart/index.php/wpd.html ) which is also beautiful and has Bible verses whereas the Holy Simplicity planner has Catholic quotes. It’s a little bit wasted on me to be honest!

I might use it as a Prayer / Bible and Homemaking planner, as it has a nice monthly ‘Mary and Martha’ notes section for precisely those two things. I have had the WPD planner a couple of times, but it is an expensive option, and the shipping costs make it prohibitively expensive.

The other problem with American academic planners is that they don’t cover the same period as British planners – our ‘school year’ runs from September to July, whereas most American planners run from July or August to June, often even missing out July altogether, which is not much use if you do school all year round.

How is your homeschool planning going? Are you excited about the next year? What are you using? Are you a planner addict like me?


What’s in your Planner?

I just had to share this, as I am a plannerholic! Diaries, notebooks and planners are among my absolute favourite things!

In fact I have several planners on the go this year, for different things. My favourite format is Filofax (personal and A5), although over the years I have tried just about ever planner and every format available!

My current planners are: a purple personal filofax for my handbag that goes everywhere with me, an A5 purple filofax for general planning that stays at home (on what currently passes for a desk) an old, slightly falling apart black A5 filofax that houses my daily to-do list, and an A5 Paperchase planner for my prayer list.

I also have separate planners for homeschool and study. I know, I’m a stationery addict 🙂

I have been meaning to post about what is on my To Do list, so I will aim to do that next.


So do you use a planner or a diary? Do you wish, like I do, that there were a specifically Jewish or Messianic woman’s planner?

New Year Planning

Ordinarily, I do my planning well in advance. I love planning. I love writing and stationery! Planning is one of the joys of home education for me! 🙂

This year, however, we are still reeling from moving house. I have unpacked most of the book boxes but I still don’t really know where anything is, so it’s all a bit frustrating. Until I find the resources I really want to use, we’ll be having to use whatever we can find. I’ll tell you more about what we’re using later.

I’ve used dozens of different planners, some printable, some printed, and I did have a look at a programme (was it homeschool tracker?) But my favourite, which I keep coming back to again and again is the Evan-Moor Daily Plan Book.


I like it because it has lots of spaces – 8 big squares for every day, which can be used any way you choose (I find that if I’m restricted in any way I tend to want to rebel and rearrange it all).


I may revisit planners in future posts, and showcase some of my favourites.

I’d love to hear which planner(s) you use and how you use them.