Zombie Apocalypse? 

I woke up in a cold sweat again, this time I dreamt that the Zombie Apocalypse, or something, had happened – I didn’t see any zombies, in fact I had no idea what had happened in this dream scenario, but something had.

I was with my family (not my real family, these were people conjured up out of my imagination – a husband and children I didn’t actually recognise) in a house in the middle of a housing estate, not here. (Actually it looked like Milton Keynes) Hardly anybody else was left, houses were empty, there were no cars.

The husband wanted to go out to look for food, and I said that I wasn’t comfortable staying in this house – I didn’t think it was secure enough because the lock on the front door was broken.

So the men went off to look for food, and I went with the children and our dog (a staffie or something – again, not my own, in fact a dog I would never choose in real life, but probably a good fierce guard dog) to look for a better place to stay. I remembered that I had bought a posh new house but not yet moved into it! We found an oldish couple there, who knew the house belonged to me, and they reluctantly agreed to let us join them.

I stood looking out of an upstairs window down at the local shop below, and saw friends of ours, happily buying food and chatting with people there as though nothing had happened.

What looked like the house I grew up in stood empty opposite, windows open and the breeze blowing through it. I saw a plastic purple chair, and purple curtains and wondered who had lived there and where they were now.

So then we set out across the court to go and find the men and tell them we had found a new place to stay and hide out, but suddenly there was an explosion and I woke up.

When I woke up, I was scared to put the light on in case people should realise we were here. Funny how the feeling of the dream carries on into real life sometimes.

I couldn’t put into words exactly what it is that is worrying me – money troubles, lack, general disquiet, scary weather, pole shift and the impending return of the Annunaki? (Something I came across when researching giants for a story I’m writing*).

Are there symbols here I’m missing? (Why were the chair and the curtains purple?)

I had friends years ago who furiously prepped and stored food and water (and guns!) for the Y2K disaster that never happened. I often thought that I would like to start preparing for any eventuality, but have never been in a position to start – all the food we can afford to buy gets eaten, we have no land, no storage space, no idea really how to even begin.

How would normal people survive a ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ or whatever the ‘End of the World as we Know it’ might consist of? I don’t think we would last very long, so I suppose most people try not to think about it (and hopefully of course it won’t happen).

Well, as long as the Annunaki don’t come back in December 2015 as predicted, hopefully we’ll have a few months before the zombies are upon us.

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