Welcome to the Cornish Prairie!

City Borg on the Prairie was born when we moved from city life to very rural Cornwall 6 years ago. It has gone through many changes – mainly cosmetic tweeks to the decorations, but it now includes my other blogs, Ohana Home Education, Messianic Woman at Home, Seaside Therapy, The Bajoran Exile and Homesteading on New Earth.

Consequently, City Borg on the Prairie is a slightly random collection of thoughts on topics ranging from Church, faith and spirituality, country life, health and parenting, homeschool, identity and relationships, all neatly wrapped up in Star Trek analogies.

There might also be the odd rant about politics and society, book reviews, films and other science fiction, vegetarianism, housework, hats and  shoes.

I can also promise it’ll be as inconsistent as buses: nothing for ages, and then two or three together. Sorry.

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